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Battlecat Oil & Gas Announces $220 Million Equity Commitment

December 8, 2014

Houston, TX – Battlecat Oil & Gas, LLC, a Houston-based oil and gas company, announced today that it has secured equity commitments of up to $220 million from funds managed by Lime Rock Partners, Wells Fargo Energy Capital, and the company’s management team. Battlecat will primarily focus on oil and gas exploration and production opportunities […]


SPWLA 57th Annual Logging Symposium

Hazard Avoidance and Completion Optimization by Integration of Reservoir Navigation Services and Deep Shear Wave Imaging

Authors: Eduardo Cazeneuve, Karim Sabaa, Aaron Rever, Dustin Flatt, David Gadzhimirzaev, Syed Shah, Kurt von Plonski, Mark Semmelbeck, Dave Purcell

SPE Paper 105681

Fracturing Previously Bypassed Highly Laminated Tight Gas Sands: A Production Optimization Case 

Study in South Texas. D.L. Fairhurst, SPE, Schlumberger; M.E. Semmelbeck, SPE, Escondido Resources; B.W. Reynolds, SPE, S.Indriati, SPE and J.W. Lewis, SPE, Schlumberger; A.C. Ellis, SPE, W.E. Deupree, SPE and J.K. von Plonski, SPE, Escondido Resources.

SPE Paper 100524

Novel CO2 Emulsified Viscoelastic Surfactant Fracturing Fluid System Enables Commercial Production From Bypassed Pay

Mark Semmelbeck, Escondido Resources, Kurt von Plonski, Escondido Resources, Yiyan Chen, Schlumberger, Fred Mueller, Schlumberger, Jerry Lewis, Schlumberger, Leana Keto, Schlumberger, Timothy L. Pope, Schlumberger

SPE Paper 59773

Investigation of Well Productivity in Gas-Condensate Reservoirs

Ahmed H. El-Banbi, W.D. McCain, Jr., Schlumberger Holditch-Reservoir Technologies; M.E. Semmelbeck, Battlecat Oil & Gas